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Here are some of our past kittens. These kitties are not available of course.
You can to see our friends with our babies !
On my Available page you'll find kittens for sale.   If you have any questions or want to make a reservation for a particular kitten, please feel free to e-mail me.  


e-mail :


KITTENS 20010 - 2011

Kocka Bella Copacabana´s Girl of Eucker

owner : Patricia Kezuka & Jitka Seichertova, Czech repuiblic

KITTENS 2009 - 2010

Kocka  Bella Absolut Ice - Live with Aline Serpa -in Campinas

Kocka Bella Alice - Live with Lecir, Mariana and son in Belem do Para


Kocka Bella Mont Blanc (Elvis)- Live with Manuela -in São Paulo

Kocka Bella Petit Prince (Theo) - live with Augusto, Luciana & Mila-  in Rio de Janeiro

Kocka Bella Knut(Luigi)- live with Luca and Meg  in Sao Paulo

Kocka  Bella Rani a Kocka  Bella Maya - live with Bolonia Family - in Suzano

Kocka Bella Warren (Mingau) - live with Vanessa and Alexandre in Rio de Janeiro

Kocka Bella Francesco - Live with Monique -in Mogi das Cruzes


Kocka Bella Mata Hari - female                                                          Kocka Bella Knut - male